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The Story of Sundogs

On March 17, 2002, Easter Sunday morning, shortly before our May wedding, we decided to start the process of adding a new family member - a canine companion. Not knowing what to expect, we headed out to a PetSmart in Northern Virginia where a rescue organization was showing some dogs. Little did we know, that morning would be the start of many beautiful relationships both human and canine. 

At the PetSmart was the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation. They had probably a dozen dogs of all breed mixes and backgrounds. We thought we liked two - a 6-month old golden hound mix named Maxwell (who seemed laid back and really wanted to engage with people) and another named Jewel (a high-energy, spunky girl who would likely keep us on our toes). With an upcoming wedding and life changes in our future we opted for the seemingly safer route and adopted Maxwell. 

Maxwell soon became Sunny because of his sunny disposition and had plenty of surprises in store for us we could never have imagined. In 2003 we added his brother Bailey, also a Lost Dog Rescue alum. Unknown to us at the time, Lost Dog Rescue would soon become the center of our lives for many years. Sunny, nicknamed The Sundog, would also be the inspiration for Sundogs Canine Consultation and Training, and now Sundogs Bed and Breakfast. Sunny passed in the Spring of 2016 but he will forever live on as the heart and soul behind all we do.

Laid back Sunny

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