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Pet Policy

Sundogs Bed and Breakfast is 100% dog friendly. We invite those who travel with their 4-legged friends to take advantage of all of the pet friendly venues in the local area. The local National Parks (Antietem, Harpers Ferry, and the C&O Canal) are ideal locales to explore with your dog. Shepherdstown also has dog friendly restaurants (even inside!) and shops. See our Pet Friendly page for a complete listing.

  • We require all owners act responsibly with their pets and observe the following guidelines while here at Sundogs. Please be certain to ​ensure:

    • That your pet is well-behaved, house-broken, and will not disturb other guests (eg., barking, howling, jumping)​

    • Your pet is clean and treated for fleas and ticks

    • Your pet is never left unattended at the inn when you are off-property. Sundogs does not offer pet sitting services. Pet sitting services are available nearby at 3 Dog Farm

      • Your pet may be unattended and crated in your room when you are on-property but not in your room

    • You are responsible for all damage

    • Your dog is on-leash at all times while outside your guest room

  • Behavior

    • Well-behaved dogs are welcome with responsible pet parents.  

    • Dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior towards other dogs or people will not be tolerated for the safety for all of our guests.

    • Please make sure your dog is up for the visit and supervised accordingly. Guests whose dogs are asked to leave the premises will not receive a refund.

    • If you have questions about your dogs behavior, please contact Peggy Bowers at Sundogs Canine Consultation and Training.

  • Guest wishing to bring dogs must provide proof of up-to-date rabies vaccination upon request.

  • Bowls for food and water are supplied upon request.

  • For everyone's safety:

    • Retractable leashes are prohibited in the house, on the patios, porches and gardens immediately surrounding the house. Long lines and retractable leashes are limited to trails and fields. If you do not have a regular leash, Sundogs will supply one for your visit free of charge.

    • Electric shock collars and prong collars are not allowed on any of our guests for any reason. Please feel free to contact us to discuss options.

  • All bedrooms are pet friendly rooms, but pets may not be left unattended and uncrated. Sundogs has many crates available in various sizes if needed.

  • We are happy to try to accommodate dogs with special needs or requirements - please discuss your needs with us.

  • Poop scooping is required.

  • Owners are responsible in full for any damages caused by your pet to guest rooms, inn common areas, grounds, or other guests. Rooms will be checked after departure and if there is any damage, Sundogs is authorized to charge any damages to your credit card.

  • Sundogs will supply special towels for your furry friend’s paws. Please notify us that more towels are needed. Please do not use bathroom towels.

  • Wet feet and coats must be wiped dry before entry into the house. Dog towels will be provided.

  • Pets must be clean and treated for fleas and ticks.

  • We ask you to bring your pet’s favorite bedding, however Sundogs can supply beds at no extra cost.

* Pet sitting needs can be arranged through 3 Dog Farm, the premier doggie daycare facility in the area.

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