Welcome to Peg and Dave’s Big Adventure!


The idea of Sundogs Bed and Breakfast was born out of our own personal experiences. As the proud new parents of two rescue dogs in 2002, we wanted to include them in our vacation plans. After numerous attempts to travel to what were advertised as “dog friendly” accommodations, we were frequently disappointed in how welcome our pets actually were. Busy professionals with dogs living in a suburban neighborhood left us wanting the peace and quiet of the country and space for our dogs to run. After spending a lovely weekend with like-minded dog friends on their 25 acre property and capping it off with a glass of wine at sunset, we knew what we wanted to create for others to share.

Whether you come with your dog, for the local activities or just for the peace and quiet of the country with beautiful sunsets, come out, meet us and share our vision!

​Peggy Bowers


Peggy has loved animals and the great outdoors for as long as she can remember. The youngest daughter of a Navy family, Peggy grew up just outside of Charleston, SC. Days were spent running in the woodlands and exploring the streams with her Rough Collie Lassie by her side. As a teenager she enjoyed long rides through the low country on her horse Blaze with her German Shepherd Dog Chief along side. After graduating high school Peggy pursued her degree in horticulture and started a life long love affair with plants. After moving to Northern Virginia in 1993 Peggy had the opportunity to care for some of the most renowned gardens in the world including Dumbarton Oaks, The American Horticultural Society River Farm and George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate. While at River Farm Peggy spearheaded the creation of a 5-acre meadow, later dedicated as The Bluemel Memorial Meadow. Throughout her public garden career Peggy also continued to work with private clients creating timeless gardens for entertaining and relaxation.


After adopting two wonderful dogs Sunny and Bailey in 2001 and 2003, respectively, Peggy started volunteering with the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation (LDR) in 2005 as a foster and later as the LDR Puppy Foster Coordinator and an Adoption Counselor. As a foster specializing in pregnant and nursing dogs, Peggy and her husband David successfully raised over 600 puppies in their home, many with their mothers. After years of watching tens of thousands of wonderful dogs come through LDR and shelter partners, the desire to get dogs into homes – and most importantly, keep dogs in their homes – became a compelling force. Unfortunately, many dogs lacked basic training and many owners were guided down harmful training paths using harsh aversive methods that either caused dogs to shut down or become aggressive. After listening to many heartbreaking stories, Peggy knew that making dogs adoptable is really only half the game – keeping families together was just as vital. Leaving a wonderful career in horticulture Peggy decided to change paths and throw her heart into dog training. After much research into training philosophy, methodology and programs, a meeting with world-renowned positive reinforcement trainer Pat Miller gave her the clear direction she needed. Peggy has spent several years studying with Pat Miller as well as attending workshops and lectures by many nationally-recognized Force Free trainers. Peggy started Sundogs Canine Consulting and Training In Alexandria, VA in 2015 and passed her Certified Professional Dog Trainer Certification in 2016. More about Sundogs CCT can be seen at www.sundogscct.com

David Plummer


Your host David, previously a career meteorologist and software engineer with NOAA, enjoys enlightening conversations as much as he enjoys the great outdoors. David grew up on his family’s homestead ‘Fieldstone Farm’ in rural Pennsylvania, sharing a love of nature and the varied family pets including dogs, cats, and sheep. Both parents were professional commercial artists who encouraged their children to explore their world and all that it has to offer. David owes his interest in meteorology to a Christmas gift, receiving a weather station kit at the age of 10. David then went on to attend Penn State, earning a BS in meteorology, followed by an MS in meteorology from Wisconsin-Madison.  Following graduation at Madison he returned to the east coast and served 30+ years at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction designing visualization software and leading other software engineers and meteorologists.


David continues to embrace science, using his knowledge to develop the best baking recipes using the scientific method as the foundation. Today, instead of supporting our nation’s forecasters he now uses his talents to create the ultimate breakfast, including biscuits, scones, and other savory entrees.

David can be found out and about maintaining the property, caring for the resident pets, and being involved in local activities. David also enjoys great conversations, great friends, great wine, and being part of a vibrant community.