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At Sundogs we strive to provide a safe home for wildlife. We have great diversity in plant species that provide food and shelter including virginia pines, eastern red cedar, Persimmons, Pawpaws, oak, cherry, viburnum, grasses and  forbes. Many areas are left natural and ‘messy’ to provide food as well as nesting and den sites. Dead trees, rotting logs and leaf litter are important parts of a healthy ecosystem. We are continually working to remove invasive plants and replace with native plants to provide a more abundant food source for our native birds and butterflies. Our current wildlife residents include an array of birds and mammals including red tailed hawks, owls, woodpeckers, cedar waxwings, bluebirds, turkeys, foxes, ground hogs, opossums, raccoons and deer. While we have not seen any yet, the possibility of visits from black bears and coyotes also exists.

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