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Sundogs has a 2-acre meadow habitat to provide a home for thousands of native pollinators and birds. The existing area will be augmented with a wide array of flowering plants and grasses such as echinacea, Joe-pye weed, vernonia, helianthus, asclepias, bluestem, baptisia, helenium, and panicum. The meadow will attract a wide variety of native insects including numerous native bee species, butterflies, lacewings, lady bugs, crickets and grasshoppers. We will intentionally plant many of the Monarch Butterflies' favorite nectar and larval foods with the hopes of helping to save this iconic species. Of course all of these insects and seed-producing plants provide a perfect year-round food supply for many of our native birds including our treasured blue birds and cardinals. The use of eco-friendly gardening and land management practices will ensure a safe environment for all.

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