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Power to the People!

It is with great excitement we can announce that PotomacEdison has made all the necessary connections for power! On Wednesday June 20th PE dropped a new pole on the main road and proceeded to thread the wire underground all the way to the main house (3 connection points along the way). Early next week the final connection to the main house panel will be made, after which all the circuits will be finalized and tested.

Yeah! The PotomacEdison power truck! and a new pole!

The guys doing the installation were real live wires! (bad joke)

On Friday we made a delivery to the site (in a driving rainstorm!) of all the light fixtures (10 outdoor and 23 indoor) and ceiling fans (6 outdoor and 6 indoor). Can't wait to see some of these in place - in particular the Moravian star and pineapple entry lights!

Bath tile is almost complete...

Tile flooring on the first floor will go down next week!

Finally, the Paw-paws are well on their way! Can you spot them on the photo below?

Baby paw-paws (mid- to late-June)

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1 Comment

Jun 27, 2018

WHOA! Things are really starting to take shape there! I can't wait to attend the Grand Opening!

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