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Roof, windows, and more!

Part of the fun and excitement of a build project is watching it grow and transform from one stage to the next. We've been following closely and the site was graded and foundation footers formed and poured, the foundation walls formed and poured, then the first and second stories framed. The next big step would be the roof which would allow the interior work to proceed. #dreambig

Saturday, March 10th - Here the roof is almost complete, only a small portion on the left remains.

Saturday, March 10th - Gable, Acorn and Pippa (in order of size, biggest to smallest) help me check out the progress from the top of the mound!

Saturday, March 10th - View from the southwest, showing the geothermal wells and piping in the foreground.


Thursday, March 15 - Most of the windows are in; porch framing progressing!

Thursday, March 15 - Wraparound porch deck framing underway.

March 21-22 snowstorm brought about 14" to the Shepherdstown area.

Friday, March 23 - Even with the strong March sun much of the snow remained several days later.


Most of the inside walls are also now up, with the HVAC, plumbing and electrical trades doing their thing! We have a few pictures to whet your appetite - excuse the construction mess! All of the following pictures were taken Saturday, March 31st.

Guest dining room

To the left are the doors to the porch and patio; fireplace straight ahead; entry to the sitting room to the right. A screened porch if behind the fireplace.

Entry to the sitting room; stairs to the guest rooms.

Looking down the main hall to the front entrance.

Sitting room

Entrance to sitting room from main hall.

Diagonally across the room; passage to dining room on the right.

Passage to dining room; fireplace and door to screened porch on the right.

Here's a panorama of the 3 pictures above.

Sitting room fireplace and entrance to the screened porch.

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11 de fev. de 2022

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